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Blog Carnival: The Best Foreign Language Blogs – Coming in March!

We’ve just had an astounding epiphany here at the Language Bear! As part of our Highlights section, we’re having a Blog Carnival!
What’s a Blog Carnival, you ask? It’s a blog entry that contains links to other blog entries on a particular subject. It’s a place where bloggers can collectively present an article that references only the best-of-the-best!
On March 2nd we’ll be posting the first edition right here, and it will be full of articles from all over the internet that have to do with learning a foreign language. It will be a great place for you to peruse while you’re looking for the best resource material and articles out there, because while the Language Bear has a lot to offer, we don’t have everything, and we simply won’t. That’s what makes the information age so unique. But we’ll be offering these links to everyone interested.
And here’s the BEST PART! If you have a foreign language blog, or a blog documenting your learning progress, or even a blog entry about how to make French Icecream and Mushroom Strudel Pasta Cake…. (um.. yuck..) you can submit your article to us, and if we accept it, it will be part of the carnival in March!
All articles must be submitted by Feb 27th. So be sure to submit yours now!You can submit an article here.