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Learning Mandarin – The Most Widely Spoken Language On The Globe

by Ben Pate

The older we get, the more we understand just how important it is to learn a second language. The problem is trying to decide which language you should focus on learning. Traditionally, people learn how to speak French, Spanish, or Italian. Yet when you stop and consider that approximately one out of every five people in the world considers Mandarin either their primary or secondary language, you should consider it worth your while to learn Mandarin online.

It is the official language of both mainland China and Taiwan It is also one of the official languages of both Singapore and Hong Kong. When you learn Mandarin, both the language and the culture, you will be setting yourself up for bigger and better business opportunities.

The Mandarin language is a variation of a Chinese language that is called Sino-Tibetan. One of the things that people do not realize is that there are currently two different types of the Mandarin languages. The two types of Mandarin are Putonghua, which is the official language of mainland China, and Kuo-yu, which is the language that the ROC government recognizes. This is important to know if you plan on spending more time in one country as opposed to the other.

People with a natural ability to hear tone or who have a musical background will find that they have an easier time learning the Mandarin language than people who have no musical training. The reason for this is because Mandarin is a language that relies largely on tone. Taking singing lessons will help you pick up the language quicker and will also help you form the words more accurately.

Some people find that Mandarin is an incredibly difficult language to learn. The reason for this is simple. Mandarin, like all Chinese dialects is tonal. The people who have the easiest time learning to speak Mandarin are ones who are musically inclined. If you are planning on learning how to speak Mandarin, you should also consider taking a few singing lessons first.

If at all possible, try to learn Mandarin Chinese from someone who is actually from China. This will help ensure that your accent is more accurate than if you learn the language from someone of a different ethnicity. No one is a better teacher than a person native to the language.

Learning how to speak Mandarin is important but so is learning how to read with vocabulary Audio. If you are using the language for business purposes, being able to read the language means that you will be able to read through contracts without having to include an interrupter. If you are just traveling in the country, you will find that having taken the time to learn how to read Mandarin makes it easier to order at restaurants.

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There is a good chance that, at some point in your life, you are going to be very glad that you took the time for learning Chinese online. Check out language training in your area.


Language Lessons Get Your Trip Abroad Off To A Great Start

Start your dream vacation experience early with language lessons. Many of us spend a good portion of our lives dreaming of that one huge trip abroad that will take us too many places and expose us to many new people and cultures. However, we often fail to see how important knowing the language of the lands we are visiting is to our overall vacation experience. Even the most basic needs we have while vacationing can be negatively impacted by having no understanding of the language: hotel check in, taxi rides, directions, and fares, ordering food, and getting from one place to another.

One of the biggest mistakes that English-speaking people do is assume that they will have no trouble finding someone that speaks English where they are going. Although English is the most commonly spoken language right next to Spanish, you can’t assume that (or ask of) the natives will be able to communicate with you in your own language. That’s why you need to make the first move and start learning theirs.

Language lessons are a great way to improve your understanding of the native language of the places you will be visiting. You can take language lessons online. These lessons are not meant to replace traditional language learning processes but to enhance the learning experience by using games, flash cards, and word scrambles to teach you the vocabulary of the language you are trying to learn and helping you to memorize words.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn French, Hindi, Russian, or improve your English skills, there are wonderful lessons and games that will help improve vocabulary while building strong language skills. You will enjoy your vacation so much more if you have at least a basic understanding of the language. I recommend at least being able to ask and understand directions, order food, and find a restroom in addition to having a basic understanding of the local currency and basic counting (this lessens your risk of being taken advantage of by not so honest vendors).

We rely on our language skills for the most basic of tasks each and every day. If you’ve never been in a situation where communication was impaired by a language barrier, then it is nearly impossible to explain how difficult it can be to find your way around, get food and water, and deal with monetary transactions. Knowing the language also means you can read the signs to get where you’re hoping to go, find neat little places along the way you didn’t know about, and have a greater overall enjoyment of your vacation experience. It’s also great fun to be able to talk to people in their own language while vacationing in order to really have an authentic travel experience.

Learn Spanish – Fast Learning Tips

Do you wish to study spanish? Here is some tips to be familiar with spanish speedily. Learning Spanish is something you can definitely do. You can study to talk Spanish, even if you’ve do not ever studied a foreign language.
Learning Spanish can be accomplished by anyone, no matter what their prior experience with languages. New languages are a skill like anything else, and one that anyone can acquire. When you think about it, you can probably think of many advantages to being able to speak another language. Knowing more than one language can really help if you do any traveling. Yet it can be just as helpful in your own home town. Learning Spanish is especially recommended for people who are making their first attempt at a new language. There are some things that you can do to make your study faster and more enjoyable.

The first thing you should focus on is the way you pronounce words in Spanish. You can study grammar from books and memorize vocabulary, but how you actually speak is of primary importance. Read out loud from books in Spanish to get a feel for how the language flows. Another good way to practice speaking is to go somewhere that fluent Spanish is spoken; listen carefully and then later try to duplicate anything you can recall. When you do this, you will start to understand the right way to use inflections and put words together into correct sentences. You will also find that it’s actually quite enjoyable to practice speaking and reading in a foreign language. Don’t think of this as hard work; make it more like singing out loud.

Use labels in your environment. Make labels for everything in your home and, if you can, your work space. Using this method, you’ll start learning vocabulary automatically. Nothing is more embarrassing than using one word when you meant to use another! Imagine someday trying to communicate and using the word for bathroom when you wanted to ask what was for dinner! If you label your home and office you’ll be able to practice learning your new language in a comfortable environment which, depending on your learning style, could speed up your learning process.

Simple flashcards are a way you can easily test your knowledge. Flashcards are an old school way of learning. Teachers in so many different areas still use them because they have proven helpful over the years. Don’t just use them for simple objects, but also for grammar, remembering the different tenses and other aspects of learning the language. Flashcards are a tool that you can take around with you and use whenever you find an extra moment. You can also have someone quiz you. Write your native language on one side, Spanish on the other and you are ready to go!

Study the language with the intent of making the whole process as simple as possible. In fact, many people choose learning Spanish as their first foray into other languages because it is supposed to be pretty easy to learn. When it comes to learning a language, there are many ways to proceed. What works for someone else might not work for you. Once you find the right method for you, you will know it. Remember that whatever method you useHealth Fitness Articles, you have to give yourself time to make progress.

Morning, Noon and Night – The Stages of Our Lives With Languages

What does a baby listening to a bilingual music CD, a school age child learning two words in two languages for the same object and an elderly person sitting in a retirement community have in common? They all will experience a wide array of benefits derived from being bilingual.

It is mind-boggling to keep up with the most recent research in the field of bilingualism. Experts speak about the many areas of the brain sparked by introducing two languages early in life. They refer to the neural pathways created and connected during second language learning in the first five years of life. They provide study after study that proves overall advanced cognitive development takes place within groups of bilingual students when compared to their monolingual peers.

Now the latest evidence, as recent as early January 2007, points to lifelong use of two languages assisting with the delay of the onset of dementia symptoms by four years when compared to monolingual daily existence! As the daughter of an eighty year old mother who recently moved into a retirement community, I find this latest study out of the Rotman Research Institute at the Baycrest Research Center for Aging and the Brain fascinating!

We have know for years, as parents and as educators, that our children are like sponges. They soak up new information with ease and retain much of what they learn after much repetition. The likes of PBS, NickJr., Disney and the decision makers for TV programming for children realize the importance of and interest in helping our youth of today get a jump start on becoming bilingual. Just ask any young girl and boy in your local preschool who Dora & Diego are!

Dr. Ellen Bialystok, Ph.D., and her colleagues have conducted previous studies showing that bilingualism enhances attention and cognitive control in both children and older adults. One of the studies conducted by Dr. Bialystok on language acquisition in children showed that bilingual children read sooner than their monolingual peers and score twice as high on language tests as well as demonstrate advanced problem solving capabilities. Reading her findings is like getting free coaching on how to raise a child to succeed in our global society!

Following the stages of our lives with language learning is becoming increasingly easy to do. Learn one language, speak it daily, and you will find yourself missing the boat. Learn two languages or more, speak them often, and you will proudly exhibit early reading skills as a four year old, score higher on standardized tests as a school age student, and wave off the early onset of dementia. The findings are in, the experts agree; being bilingual makes the journey through life a pleasant one.