Bosley, the Language Bear

Bosley Gets Another Great Review! – Thanks Darian Wilk!

Bosley received another great review from a friend of mine.  It makes me so happy to know that people are enjoying my book!  You can check out Darian’s website to learn about her.

She has written one book called “Love Unfinished” and is in the process of writing “Reinventing Claire” which you can learn more about on her website.

Here is Darian’s Review of Bosley Sees the World:

Sweet little Bosley tells his Momma that he’s tired of their tiny cave, and decides he’s going on an adventure and discover new things in the world.  It doesn’t take long before he realizes just how big the world really is, and is met by amazing discoveries at every turn.

Bosley Sees the World is one of the most adorable books I have read with my son in quite some time.  The illustrations are, well, just too cute, and the content is at a high enough level for my son (almost 4yrs old) to stay interested.  So much so that we read the book four times in a row, and first darianthing the next morning he asked if we could read “the bear book” again.

I never had to take a foreign language at school, so any Spanish I do know is courtesy of watching Sesame Street with my kids – thank you Super Grover.  But it was fun to sit with my son and try to find the Spanish words we do know, and learn ones we don’t.  It’s a great way to keep the book interesting, beyond just the story, and help teach him about language and letter recognition.

Overall this was a really fun book for both my son and I, and even my 11 year old daughter sat down to read it too.  Who, by the way, is taking basic Spanish, and this book is great for helping her work on it without it feeling like work!  If you take a gander at the website for Bosley, you’ll find that this book is available in many language combinations.  For dual language households of all kinds, I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you.  I give this book two very happy thumbs up from me, and both of my kids, and would recommend this to anyone with littleone’s they love to read to or with.

Check out Bosley on his website, add it on Goodreads, or pick up a copy!

5 Reasons To Study A Foreign Language

As if you needed any more reasons, but if you’re trying to stay motivated and need a few reminders, here goes:

  1. Meet new friends: Learning a foreign language opens up the door to your getting to know more people and expanding your social network. If you are studying a language such as Spanish, Portuguese, or Chinese that is spoken by a large percentage of the population, you will be literally potentially tapping into a communication network with hundreds of millions of people that was previously off limits to you. If you are studying a less popular language, just think how much more valuable you will be since there are fewer foreign speakers of it.
  2. Become a more globally-viable businessperson: In the world of business, communication is king. It does not matter how well you can program a computer, do accounting, or design new products: if you cannot communicate with other people, you will not find the success you deserve in the business world. Learning to communicate in a foreign language effectively increases your value as a communicator. And, many people who become proficient in a foreign language end up actually improving their skills as a communicator in their native language, as well. Learning a foreign language makes you a better communicator overall, and it therefore makes you a more attractive employee or partner in the world of business.
  3. Expand your mind: Speaking a foreign language with fluency truly means switching channels to another way of thinking. Once you become fluent enough in the foreign language you are studying, you will find your consciousness actually expanding to accommodate your new ability. Each language has its own set of vocabulary, phrases, and concepts that do not directly translate to other languages. The result for multilingual people is that they actually force their neurons to grow and connect in new ways. Effectively, you become a little bit smarter and more mentally flexible.
  4. Become more attractive: Looking to impress your husband, wife, date, or that cute person that you see whenever you go shopping? Becoming conversant in a foreign language is a great way to bring yourself up a notch on the attractiveness scale. People who expand their horizons are almost always perceived as more attractive than those who are always happy with the same-old stuff, year after year.
  5. Understand the world better: The world is getting smaller. Leaders and individuals in different countries are making decisions each day that affect all of us in economic, environmental, and political terms. By studying a foreign language, you equip yourself with an additional lens through which to view the actions, thoughts, and worldviews of other people. This will help you make more balanced decisions about how to act or react when you learn about world events.

Mastering a foreign language can be quite a challenge, but for each new word you memorize, for each new verb you learn to conjugate, you will be making yourself more interesting, more economically viable, and even a bit smarter and more attractive.  No, really!!