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Bosley’s First Words: COVER CONTEST! Vote on Your Favorite

Bosley’s First Words is well underway and should be coming available in August!!  But I need your help to hone in on the best cover for the book.  Ozzy, my awesome illustrator has been working hard and coming up with some great illustrations for this book.  These are three of the covers in contention to be the new book cover.  I would love to get your input on these, so let me know which one is your favorite!

To vote, leave a comment below or check out Bosley’s Facebook page to comment on the cover images there.

Cover Concept #1:


Cover Concept #2:


Cover Concept #3:


First Illustrations from Bosley’s First Words

Hot off the press!  This is one of the first illustrations that will be part of the new book: Bosley’s First Words.


Bosley will learn about animals, foods, numbers, family members, toys and other simple concepts in this early reader for youngsters just learning their first words.

I’m really glad this is the next book coming out because it will be just in time for my two boys to start learning these words.

Keep your eye out for a chance to vote on your favorite cover design for this book.