Bosley, the Language Bear

Bosley Builds a Treehouse

Bosley builds a tree house


Join Bosley on his fourth and most exciting adventure yet!

Bosley hard at workTeach your child about teamwork and success while learning new foreign words and phrases as Bosley designs, collects the supplies, and builds his very own treehouse with his group of friends.   The vocabulary and context in this book will give your child the means to talk about tools, building, designing, imagining, productivity and success!

Learn new foreign words and phrases while enjoying a beautifully illustrated, fun, wholesome bedtime story with characters that any child will love.

The story encourage themes of teamwork, success and friendship as Bosley and his friends work together and help each other design and build an incredible tree house.

Self-guided language learning on every page with line-by-line translations, labelled illustrations and highlighted vocabulary words.

“Fox pulled the rope.
Fuchs zog am Seil.
Racoon carried the boards.
Waschbär trug die Bretter.

Rabbit made sure everything was sturdy.
Hase stellte sicher, dass alles fest war.
And owl added the final details.
Und Eule fügte zum Schluss Verzierungen hinzu.”

This book is available in the following dual-language translations:

French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi



Bosley’s First Words (Bosleys erste Worter) NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m happy to say that the first translation of Bosley’s First Words is now available in the German-English translation.  I’m so happy with how this book came out, and I’m excited to start reading the French and Japanese version of the book to my twins since it’s more their age level than the first two books.  The illustrations in this book are extremely clear, well organized and will provide a great visual reference for kids to learn these essential basic words.Bosleys first words italian cover
  • Greetings, “Hello, my name is..”
  • Numbers, one through ten.
  • Animals
  • Toys
  • Family members
  • Fruits
  • Simple verbs

These are a few of the essential vocab words and concepts that Bosley teaches in this book.  Bosley is very well represented by Ozzy’s great illustrations as usual and he can’t wait to meet new friends all around the world!

Introduce your child to Bosley and to a foreign language for the first time with “Bosley’s First Words”.  This book, I would consider a baby book great for ages 0-2.  It can be used to teach English words at the same time as your second language to get them started at a young age.