Bosley, the Language Bear

Bosley’s New Friends, Coming this Spring!

Bosley's Mountaintop Vista - Such a big world with so many possibilities!

Bosley’s Mountaintop Vista – Such a big world with so many possibilities!

This spring, inspire your children to learn a new language by bringing them on Bosley’s next adventure.

confused squirrels

In “Bosley’s New Friends”, Bosley wanders through the forest wondering why he can’t communicate with the other animals.  He gets strange looks from the animals and can’t seem to include himself in their games.  After learning how to understand what they are saying, his eyes are opened to how many new friends he can make by learning other languages.

Of course, the book is intended to teach your child new words and phrases while enjoying this inspiring story in a similar manner as previous Bosley books.  There will be labelled illustrations, repeat words, line-by-line translations and other interesting opportunities to incorporate language learning lessons into story time.

Illustrations are underway as we speak and they are coming out just as wonderfully as ever at the hand of the talented Ozzy Esha.

Meet the author, Tim Johnson

All of my self-published books to date.

All of my self-published books to date.

Hello readers and Bosley fans!  Thank you so much for all your love and support in 2013!  Bosley has another book set to be released this spring and 2-3 more books after that that will be published in 2014.  Stay tuned on Bosley’s facebook page for more information about those new books.

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I have big plans for this year and plan to move into publishing other children’s books.  Some will be science related, some will be related to martial arts and who knows what else!  I would love to be able to stay in touch with you and share things on a more personal level through this new facebook page.  I love networking with other authors and publishers, meeting teachers, parents and interested youngsters, so please take a look and connect with me!

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