World Martial Arts Lineage Project

Welcome to the largest online database of martial artists networked through their lineage! I'm very happy you've joined us and I look forward to reading and checking out your contributions to the site! is a rapidly growing database of all the world's martial artists, past and present, and their decendents. It includes photos, videos, timelines, quotes and an interactive lineage tree for each person.

The database is interactive and highly editable, meaning you can contribute your knowledge to the greater good! The point here is to lean on the worldwide martial arts community to contribute their knowledge to build this database so that anyone can find riches of information about the lineage of their style or of their instructors.

I am a martial artist first and a web designer second so if you ever have any problems, questions or suggestions on the site, please TELL ME! I want to make this a great site for all, but I need your input.