Bosley, the Language Bear

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Bosley Sees the World

Bosley Sees the World

Follow Bosley Bear as he discovers how big the world is and how much there is to explore and learn. Bosley is a confident and curious little bear who looks for new challenges around every corner. This is a dual language book available in 10 different languages and is designed to help teach your child new words and phrases.

Bosleys first words

Bosley’s First Words

Introduce young children to essential foreign words and phrases while getting to know the adorable Bosley Bear. A must-have for any bilingual household or classroom. Use these words and phrases around the house and in the classroom. Learn names of toys, foods, numbers and simple actions in this book filled with fun, high-contrast illustrations, captivating for young children and even babies.

Bosley Beach Cover - German

Bosley Goes to the Beach

Teach your child new foreign words and phrases while enjoying a beautifully illustrated, wholesome bedtime story. Bosley Bear gathers his toys and goes to the beach to make new friends and learn new words. Discovering that other animals at the beach have interesting capabilities like flying or swimming, Bosley realizes that he has something that makes him special in his own way.

Bosley Builds a Tree House, dual language book

Bosley Builds a Tree House

Bosley Bear teams up with his forest friends on this heart-warming adventure of helping each other build an incredible tree house. Encourage themes of teamwork, success and friendship as you teach your child new foreign words and phrases and enjoy a beautifully illustrated, fun, wholesome bedtime story with characters that any child will love.

Bosley's New Friends, dual language book

Bosley’s New Friends

Join Bosley on this bilingual journey as he struggles to understand what the other animals are saying. “Why don’t the other animals understand me when I talk?” he asks.
Bosley learns patience as he diligently learns how to speak other languages, one word at a time, and he discovers a wide world of new friends waiting to be made. This book is sure to impress upon any child the importance of language learning in a way that they can relate to.

Bosley Discovers the Waterfall

Bosley’s curiosity literally gets him in over his head on this enlightening journey of discovery. Learn about the power and beauty of mother nature during our most exciting adventure yet! Bosley’s thirst to understand the world around him lands him in the bottom of a river. At first he’s scared of what happened, but with the help of a wise friend he realizes that the power and beauty of nature go hand-in-hand.

Bosley Goes on Safari

Deep in the African plains, with his tour guide, Bosley learns about African animals and how different they are from him. Thinking he won’t be making any friends in Africa, he finally discovers that they are all much more alike once he gets to know them.