Bosley, the Language Bear

Bosley’s First Dual Language Interactive Tablet App – Now Available!

Bosley Sees the World - Interactive Tablet appFollow Bosley Bear as he discovers how big the world is and how much there is to explore and learn. Bosley is a confident and curious little bear who looks for new challenges around every corner. Inspire your child to explore the world around them while enjoying a wholesome, interactive bedtime story. For children, learning a new language in the context of a story is such a powerful learning tool, because they can use the images, characters and plot to help them remember words and phrases. Even simple foreign words and phrases can give a child a completely new perspective and open their eyes to new ways of seeing the world.

In Bosley’s first ever tablet app, readers can enjoy:

  • Dual-language audio narration
  • Highlighted words
  • Background sound effects
  • Animated scenes
  • Interactive touch points that teach vocab
  • and Bosley’s theme song!

Currently the only app available is the German translation of “Bosley Sees the World”.  Stay tuned for more apps when they become available.

IPad – Android – Kindle Fire


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