Bosley, the Language Bear

Encourage Your Child’s Unique Skill Set with Bosley Builds a Tree House

Bosley and friendsIn addition to teaching new words and phrases in a foreign language, Bosley Builds a Tree House also teaches morals of friendship, teamwork, leadership and accomplishment.

At first, Bosley and his friends are happy to play in the forest, climbing trees and playing games. But tuhen Bosley Bear has the grand idea to build a tree house. He presents his idea to the team and opens the floor for discussion. Once it is decided that building a tree house is a good idea, all of the friends sit down around a blueprint and begin sharing their ideas on paper. Everyone contributes some aspect of the design to make it a unique collaboration.

Once the plans are finalized all of the animals help Bosley in their own way that subtly empowers children to utilize their own unique skill set. Squirrel frantically runs about measuring everything with the tape measure. Rabbit jumps up and down on the structure to make sure it is soundly built. Fox works from the ground and operates their improvised elevator. Raccoon trundles back and forth carrying lumber to Bosley. And Owl swoops in to put the finishing touches on that are out of reach for the other animals.

When the tree house is complete, it is a work of art and something that the whole team can be proud of and enjoy together.

Bosley’s Four-Book Set!

4-book SET

Yes!  You heard right!

I’m now offering a 4-book set of ALL of Bosley’s books:

Bosley Sees the World

Bosley Goes to the Beach

Bosley’s First Words

Bosley Builds a Tree House

You can choose your desired translation upon checkout.

Bosley’s Dual Language 4-Book Set 

Merry Christmas!!

List of GIVEAWAYS for Bosley Builds a Tree House

Bosley Builds a Tree House, dual language bookIt was hard work getting the book out in time for the official (self-imposed) release date, but I did it!  And I am so happy with how it came out.  I really think this is the best one yet.  The reviews have been outstanding and everyone who has read it is really enjoying it with their kids.

Yesterday the book was published on Amazon and Kindle and is available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and for the first time, Portuguese!

The addition of a Portuguese translation was due to the amount of requests I had for the book in that language.  If there are other languages that you would like to see these books in, please TELL ME!  If there is interest, you can bet I will publish in any language!  Now I just have to start learning all of these languages!


Yes, as promised there will be TONS of giveaways for the paperback version of this book (winner’s choice of language in all cases).  Below are links to the review / giveaways that have begun so far.  There will be more throughout the month and the best way to hear about them is through Bosley’s facebook page.

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All of the giveaways are ending at different times, and some have more contestants than others, so if you miss one, try the next one.

Feel free to enter all of them!

Good luck!

45+ Giveaways of Bosley Builds a Tree House


The official release date for Bosley Goes to the Beach is Thursday, November 7th!  That is just one week away and I’ve got some really special treats lined up for the release.

I have partnered with over 45 blogs to help me with this launch and provide their honest feedback of the book as well as provide one book to a lucky winner, through a giveaway on their blog.  If you play your cards right you can enter every single one of those giveaways and your chances will be pretty good!!  Winners of all the giveaways will receive their book before Christmas in case you want to gift it to someone special.  There will never be any cost to enter the giveaway, you can enter by doing things like, leaving a comment on their post, or liking a facebook page, etc.  Each giveaway will have their own different forms of entry, but they will all be super simple, I promise.

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Books have already started to be listed on so feel free to check them out and add them to your “wish list” for this season.  What kids do you have in your life who could benefit from a dual language book? :)

Bosley’s Treehouse Illustrations Almost Finished!

Ozzy Esha's plan for one of the final illustrations for Bosley Builds a Treehouse!

Ozzy Esha’s plan for one of the final illustrations for Bosley Builds a Treehouse!

The illustrations are just about finished for Bosley Builds a Treehouse and they are looking amazing!  The translations are finished and the book layout has begun.  It’s a tight time table, but I am bound and determined to get this book out to you all before the Christmas season!

Also, I haven’t announced this yet, but be on the lookout for a box set for gifting :)

To the right you will see a sneak peek at one of the final illustrations for the book.  This page depicts Bosley and all his friends admiring their teamwork effort on the treehouse and getting ready to enjoy the fruits of their labors!

From here, Ozzy will take this illustration framework and sprinkle a little of his unique magic dust on it, adding color, detail and lighting to make it a masterpiece.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished, and I can’t wait to show you!

If you don’t already know, I have created a Pinterest board for all things related to behind-the-scenes work and sneak peeks for Bosley fans!  Check it out and enjoy lots of other sneak peeks at Bosley’s history.

Give Bosley a pat on the back by re-pinning some of the images to your own boards :)

A Sneak Peek at Bosley’s Next Adventure!!

Writing Bosley books is starting to become a fairly regular thing for me and I am LOVING it!  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my little books.  I really hope they are still being enjoyed and have a comfortable spot on your child’s bookshelf.  Since my twins were born I have been collecting and refining the books on their shelf and am very excited that Bosley has a definite spot in their lives from now on.

My next goal is to get the fourth book “Bosley Builds a Tree House” released for Christmas this year!  There is a lot of work to do before then and not a whole lot of time, really.  My buddy and illustrator, Ozzy is already hard at work on this book and I’m very excited about it!  This story has undertones of encouraging teamwork while Bosley and his friends work hard together to build something incredible.

Here is a sneak peak at some of the very first concept sketches of this book!


These are my own handy-work, so of course Ozzy will put his artistic spin on it and make them look MUCH better, but I love seeing these books come together from start to finish, so I hope you enjoy these too!

Bosley Builds a Treehouse

Bosley builds a tree house


Join Bosley on his fourth and most exciting adventure yet!

Bosley hard at workTeach your child about teamwork and success while learning new foreign words and phrases as Bosley designs, collects the supplies, and builds his very own treehouse with his group of friends.   The vocabulary and context in this book will give your child the means to talk about tools, building, designing, imagining, productivity and success!

Learn new foreign words and phrases while enjoying a beautifully illustrated, fun, wholesome bedtime story with characters that any child will love.

The story encourage themes of teamwork, success and friendship as Bosley and his friends work together and help each other design and build an incredible tree house.

Self-guided language learning on every page with line-by-line translations, labelled illustrations and highlighted vocabulary words.

“Fox pulled the rope.
Fuchs zog am Seil.
Racoon carried the boards.
Waschbär trug die Bretter.

Rabbit made sure everything was sturdy.
Hase stellte sicher, dass alles fest war.
And owl added the final details.
Und Eule fügte zum Schluss Verzierungen hinzu.”

This book is available in the following dual-language translations:

French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi



Book Number 4: Bosley Builds a Treehouse

Bosley Builds a Treehouse Preview

Bosley and his friends playing in the forest.

Join Bosley on his fourth and most exciting adventure yet!  Learn new foreign words and phrases as Bosley designs, collects the supplies, and builds his very own treehouse.  This book has been written and will be illustrated soon.  The vocabulary and context in this book will give your child the means to talk about tools, building, designing, imagining, productivity and success!