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Interview: About Bosley Goes to the Beach

Bosley’s Four-Book Set!

4-book SET

Yes!  You heard right!

I’m now offering a 4-book set of ALL of Bosley’s books:

Bosley Sees the World

Bosley Goes to the Beach

Bosley’s First Words

Bosley Builds a Tree House

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Bosley’s Dual Language 4-Book Set 

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My Inspiration For Writing “Bosley Goes to the Beach”

Coast of Maine

After publishing “Bosley Sees the World”, I got so much good feedback on it that I knew I had to publish another book.  People wanted more of Bosley!

My wife and I were in the process of building a new house in Maine, when all of a sudden we got a phone call saying that the builder had put the foundation in the wrong place!!  This would set us back about 4 months which meant we needed to find a temporary place to live. As luck would have it, we stumbled upon an amazing opportunity to live in a gorgeous rental house right on the ocean on the coast of Maine.  This was ideal for us, not only because it was a beautiful place to spend the winter, but also because my wife and I had discovered we were pregnant with twins and she would eventually have to spend the last few months of her pregnancy on bed-rest, and trust me, this was a great place to spend your day laying on the couch looking out the window.  We would watch the lobster men come and go, watch hundreds of birds play and catch fish, and of course, relax and take inspiration watching the tides roll in and out.

This was the place where “Bosley goes to the Beach” came to be.  The ocean has always been a special place for my wife and I, and I was so excited to see the story and illustrations come together like they did.  Of course, it was also a great inspiration and motivation to know that when the book was finished my wife and I would no longer be a family of two, but a family of four and that we would have two new incredible people to share the book with.  It’s funny to think that I didn’t even know what our children would look like when I was writing the book and now I’ve been able to read it to them.  And even though they’re just babies, they will often sit quietly and listen to the whole story while they gaze with their inquisitive baby eyes into the colorful pictures, all the while continually inspiring me to write more Bosley stories.

GIVEAWAY: Bosley Goes to the Beach – FRENCH – ENGLISH

The French-English version of Bosley Goes to the beach will be coming out very soon, but you can win it before it becomes available!!


A Preview of Bosley’s Trip to the Beach

Bosley is so excited for the warm weather and he’s getting ready to go to the beach!  Illustrations are coming in and they are looking great.  Translations are being done now and bosley is getting anxious for the print house.

Here’s a quick preview of some of the things he’s going to be learning about on his trip:


Here are a few of Bosley’s new words in Spanish:

Bird – Ave

Sun – Sol

Sea – Mar

Island – Isla

Fish – Pez

Clouds – Nubes

Sailboat – Velero

Crab – Cangrejo

Sand – Arena

Rocks – Rocas

Seashell – Caracol

Bosley Goes to the Beach – A new adventure in 2013!

Bosley’s first book, “Bosley Sees the World” has been such a great hit that the second book in the series is now in production!  The manuscript has been written and many of the translations have already been done.  The illustrations are underway as I type and everyone is very excited, especially Bosley!

This book promises to be even better than the first, with much more to learn and see with Bosley.  In this story, he meets a bird, a fish and a crab at the beach and learns about the places they live and the things they do.  Words like “fly”, “swim”, “jump”, “sand”, “water” and more beach and animal related words with teaching methods including repeat words, opposites, useful phrases and corresponding imagery.

The illustrations are shaping up to be just as great as the first book and there will be even more pages in this book, leading to that much more fun with Bosley!

We’re all looking forward to it and I hope you will follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and sneak peaks at the illustrations when they come out!

Bosley Goes to the Beach


Bosley Bear gathers his toys and goes to the beach to make lots of new friends and learn lots of new words. Discovering that other animals at the beach have interesting capabilities like flying or swimming, Bosley realizes that he has something that makes him special in his own way.

Self-directed Language Learning for Children

Bosley’s books are self-directed learning tools and are specifically designed to help young children better understand foreign words and phrases. The teaching methods used in this book allow children to learn at their own pace and enjoy the learning process. These methods include:

  • Repeat words
  • Simple phrases
  • Opposites
  • Highlighted vocab words
  • Contextual learning
  • Corresponding imagery

Currenlty available in the following translations: