Bosley, the Language Bear

Interview: What life lessons can be learned from Bosley Sees the World?

Interview: How is language taught in Bosley Sees the World?

Interview: Why did you Create the Bosley Series?

Author Interview Videos – Regarding the Creation of Bosley Sees the World

I get a lot of questions about Bosley and how I came up with the ideas for the series, and what my motivations were.  Recently I recorded a variety of answers to these questions and published them on YouTube.  A few of these videos are below, and to watch more videos and subscribe to further video publications please check out my YouTube channel.  The first three videos you see here pertain to the first book, Bosley Sees the World.

Question #1: Why did you create the Adventures of Bosley Bear?

Question #2: How can foreign language be taught using Bosley Sees the World?

Question #3:  What life lessons did you intend to teach in Bosley Sees the World?


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Bosley Sees the World


Bosley is a confident, curious little bear who challenges himself whenever he has the opportunity. Help your child learn foreign words and phrases with this dual-language bedtime story. Learn with them and follow Bosley on his first adventure as he discovers how big the world really is!

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Self-directed Language Learning for Children

Bosley’s books are self-directed learning tools and are specifically designed to help young children better understand foreign words and phrases. The teaching methods used in this book allow children to learn at their own pace and enjoy the learning process. These methods include:

  • Repeat words
  • Simple phrases
  • Numbers
  • Labelled Illustrations
  • Highlighted vocab words
  • Contextual learning
  • Corresponding imagery

Currently available in the following translations:

FrenchGermanSpanishItalianRussian, ChineseJapaneseArabicAll translations