Greatest Lessons from the Martial Arts!

A compilation of martial wisdom from around the world

I'm happy to announce the publication of "The Greatest Lessons from the Martial Arts". When asked the question "what is the greatest lesson you've taken from the martial arts?" this book is a compilation of responses from some of the most renowned martial artists in the world.

Contributors include:

Diana Lee Inosanto
Dr Yang Jwing-Ming
GM Wong Kiew Kit
SGM S. George Pesare
Kancho Deena Naidu
Guro Peter Freedman
Michael A. Vollero
Master Spencer Gee
Will Howard
Mark E. Magee
Diane Reeve, M.Ed.
Anne Spalter
Cristian Gosti
Tim Bailey
and more...

The term “martial art” has been defined for thousands of years and continues to have its own definition to every practitioner who has ever donned a gi, or a sash, bowed to an opponent in the ring, sat in contemplative practice on a mat, or defended their home and family from danger.

Inside the Book:

Martial arts instructors and masters will define martial arts in their own way and they will impress that upon their students. That message will be received and changed by every student to come after them and will be a function of their own situation, their own beliefs, their time in history and their place in the world. The definition of a martial art is ever-changing, and like the oceans of the world, will continue to change and reshape themselves, and transform the lives of those involved.

No definition will ever be correct, nor will it ever be incorrect. This book distills the definition of the martial arts to the single greatest lesson learned by some of the most distinguished names in martial arts from around the world. By answering this one question, martial arts masters and amateur students alike share their lesson with others, be it simple or profound.

72 pages, 8.25 x 6in, paperback & kindle
Each page is a full-color photo from my personal collection with the essays overlaid into the artwork.

Get YOUR lesson published in the 2nd edition

The Greatest Lessons from the Martial Arts is a compilation of ideas from martial arts masters and amateurs alike from all around the world. The beauty of the martial arts is thanks in part to the diversity of its teachings. There are so many different lessons to help us all find our unique path. From the esoteric to the tangible, each lesson and each opinion offers something profound.

So contribute your lesson to the project and leave your mark on the history and future of martial arts.

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