Bosley, the Language Bear

Help Toddlers Develop Event Sequencing with Simplified Reading

Bosley’s series of books are designed to teach foreign language, including English as a second language. And they do so by means ofa variety of interesting techniques. If you’ve read any of the books you will notice that they all contain a couple key words, on every page, that are highlighted in both languages. This is a tool that can add a fun element for kids and can be used strategically by parents and teachers.


The words chosen to be highlighted are two or three of the words that embody the theme of the story on that page. To read the story in a very minimalistic way, you could easily just recite these specific words to summarize the entire story. I always encourage reading to even very young children but I realize that the attention span of a toddler may not be that of an older child.

Simply flipping through the book and reading these words will allow you to open to a page, point to the picture or an element of the picture and say the words in one or both languages. Doing this will help your toddler learn word associations and eventually it will allow them to follow along with a simplified version of the sequence of events in the book and ultimately, the plot.

Building event sequences in young children is an excellent way to help their brains develop. It is thought that humans first develop memories by recognizing event sequences and being able to recollect mini story lines.

I would encourage you to try this with other picture books your child enjoys as well. Instead of reading the story word for word to your toddler, give them a change of pace every now and then and summarize each page of a picture book with one word or a short phase. Their attention span may be long enough to realize the order of events more easily than while reading the whole book.


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