Copyrighted Material Policy

The World Martial Arts Lineage Project (hereafter known as the "website") is a "Wiki" style website and encourages users to upload and submit photos and content freely. The owner and any applicable moderators and affiliates of this website adhere to strict copyright infringement prevention guidelines as defined by applicable legalities. Any copyright infringements occurring on this website are a violation of the terms and conditions agreed to by this website's users and the offending content will be removed from the site immediately upon realization by this website's owner(s) or upon request from a concerned third party.

Removing offending content

Content displayed on this website is not directly administered by the owners/operators of this website and or it's owners/operators can not be held accountable for it's existence. If you are offended by or otherwise compromised by the display of any content on this website please proceed to the appropriate content page and click "Request Removal". The content will then be reviewed and removed from the website.


Ma does not and can not monitor all content added by its visitors. Private information should not be published by users as any and all content published is subject to becoming public information immediately upon publication by the user. For more information on eliminating private information from this site site see the section on removing offending content.


Any information or images published on this website is assumed to be freely distributable and is subject to publication in various places on the internet as well as other electronic and print publications.