Episode 15 - Interview with Taoist Wudang Instructor Michael A. Vollero


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Instructor Michael A. Vollero, is a 26th generation Longmen Pai (Dragon Gate Sect) disciple, 16th generation Sanfeng Pai instructor, and student of Zhengyi Daoism. He makes yearly pilgrimages to the Wudang mountains of China to study Kung Fu with the Taoist monks and participate in the ceremonies and rituals at the Purple Heaven Palace.

In this interview with discuss his training regimen and what lead him down his path in Wudang Kung Fu. Discover the differences between kung fu lineage and Taoist lineage and how these disciplines are intertwined. Michael speaks of the principles of Taoist kung fu training and how they have changed or been preserved through the cultural revolution in China. He also describes the Wudang training facility and where its influences have come from over the years and the concept of "Cloud Walking".

You can find out more about Michael's instructor's school of Wudang Kung Fu in Boston at: http://www.daoistgate.com

And check out Michael's own kung fu class website: http://www.springandautumn.com

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