Episode 9 - Interview with Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming of YMAA


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Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming works with a select few disciples of Chinese kung fu at his retreat center in the mountains of northern California where the culture and traditions of the ancient Chinese arts are preserved through an intensive 10-year training curriculum.

I speak with Dr Yang about his influences and his beloved masters in China with whom he grew up learning kung fu. We talk about the differences between training in old China and training in other parts of the world. Dr Yang tells of how he reluctantly took up Tai Chi Chuan at the young age of 16 to thwart illness brought on by hunger and malnourishment as he was raised as one of a family of 9 children, often eating only one meal a day. He has since moved to the U.S. to get his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and opened Yang's Martial Arts Association in Humboldt County, California.

Find out more about Dr Yang at his lineage page:

Or at his website: www.YMAA.com

Dr. Yang is currently accepting applicants for his next round of disciples and can be contacted through the website above.

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