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“…This way the sub consciousness of the reader takes this underlying hint as a note to learn languages to be able to befriend and play with other kids.”

574f6ca67be99bf5ce1512761790ce36John Barre

A nice tale about communication, tolerance and friendship. And Bosley’s trying to understand the language of the other animals – nice parallel.  I would definitely recommend the book to the parents I know.

Gravity Bread
When reading the book, we heard a woodpecker outside, so I showed him a video of a woodpecker singing and communicating with a fellow woodpecker. This book brought up many interesting questions and discussions which I really enjoyed.

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The book will keep the attention of your little one and I love that there is a great message about working together as a team to complete a task as well as highlighted words to help encourage new vocabulary.

Baby M Makes ThreeIMG_9410_zps70e1e0f1

Madelyn really enjoyed reading this book. She loved the illustrations and was very engaged in the story. We ended up reading through it multiple times each day.
I also really liked how the book incorporated valuable lessons on friendship and the importance of working together as a team. Each character had their part in helping to build the tree house. Here she is cheering for Bosley and friends after they finished building the tree house.

59287-photo-799600Katy Stuff

Niamh age 5 – she LOVED it and has requested it over and over. She likes linking the english words to the spanish ones and she likes the story in general. It was almost hard to read to her because she kept trying to make matches and link words.

A Moment in Our World

We were extremely happy with this Spanish version of the book. The boys learnt new Spanish words and it also reinforced some of the words they already knew. It is a fun and exciting way to learn another language.  The pictures in the books are awesome. Kids will fall in love with the characters and want to go on lots of adventures with their new friends.

Cooking from a Stay at Home Mom

My kids love Bosley and I love him too. They have such cute characters in this book, that will draw the kids in :-) Plus who doesn’t love tree houses?? :-) We all enjoyed the pictures too!!! I have read this book over 20 times to my kids, half of that in one day!!!

Our Havenhill

These stories in the books are short and will keep a young child’s attention…they will soak up the words like a sponge and learn words in a new language without even realizing it! The illustrations are bright and engaging.

Two Cats and a Cradle

I think seeing the image really helps with word association. The layout allows your kids to learn at their own pace and enjoy the story!

IMG_4915Fourth Street Payphone

I really like how in this book there are illustrated break downs of simple words prior to them being used in the story. Like a picture of a fox with the text Fox and Le Renard next to it with that word introduced into the story on the next page. It makes it easier for people like me or Elinor that are new to a second language.

IMG_7203The Fashionista Momma

 I would definitely recommend this book to parents who want to start introducing another languages to their pre-schooler.  It is a great stocking stuffer for your children or that special child in your life.

990642_10151970147445516_1473679232_o-300x225The Audacity of Motherhood

As a homeschool mom, I can see additional applications for these books for my older kids – for example, they could “critique” the translation by seeing what other words or phrases might be substituted for the ones the translator selected.

The Respectful Mommy

If you are looking to start exposing your children to another language or support them in their current bilingual environment, Bosley Builds a Tree House is not only captivating, it is also an excellent teaching tool to add to your collection.

Nugget on a Budgetdualanguagebookreview1

We loved it from the very first page! The illustrations and how the story is presented were both professional and well done. It flowed very nicely and kept my daughter {who is 2 years old} interested. Not an easy feat!


After reading the story to my kids a few times, I played a game with them by covering the highlighted English words and simply read the Chinese words. They had to shout out the words in English. We had a fun time playing this simple game and it helped them to remember the meaning of some of those Chinese words in the story.

Metro Detroit Mommy

The fact that it is a dual language book and designed so well is such a great bonus. We will be reading this book often in our home.

Served up with Love

This book is a great addition to your children’s book collection. My daughter found it interesting but more so she tried her best to read the spanish version as well.

Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

If I’ve learned anything about smaller children, it’s the importance of distraction. They won’t even notice they are learning words as their minds engage with the characters. The highlighted words make it easy for parents or the readers to teach their children individual words and then show those same words in a sentence. What a novel idea for teaching language.

IMG_8132Crystal Tiny Treasures

The illustrations by Ozzy Esha are cute and bright, while at the same time using the light to make the forest a little moody and mysterious. The forest creatures are endearing and friendly.

Raising Amelia Rose

Amelia cannot get enough of Bosley Bear and his friends!
The book is colorful, full of life lessons, and is so interactive, and really…it’s fun. I highly recommed that this book is at the top of the Christmas list for your little reader!

IMG_8252Open Hands

These books are great for each of my kids. Buddy who is 5 loves Bosley and his fun adventures, and the repeating and learning of some new french words is so exciting. Our 2 year old Lil Stinker and Sweet Pea who is 1 , love the pictures and the first word book is fun for them.

Project Procrastination

The Bosley bear books are picture books perfect for beginning language learners. The illustrations are colorful and provide great context for the story, which is told through simple–not stilted–language.

Mummy Knows

The pictures are cute and eye catching. The text is easy to follow. The story is great to read during the day or at bedtime. It was a hit with my kids.

Readers’ Favorite – Bosley Builds a Tree House

I love when a series of books really grows with your kids as they grow. Especially children’s books which can hold the attention of children at various levels of development.

Readers’ Favorite – Bosley’s First Words

You get a chance to learn everything, from how to say hello, to fruits, to basic numbers. My favorite section was on verbs. I was surprised to find such a complex kind of description in a kids’ book, but I thought the illustrator did a wonderful job showing the action of the words like jump, climb, sit, etc.

Readers’ Favorite – Bosley Goes to the Beach

…a cute way for kids to cuddle up to new words and to notice how those words appear in both English and Spanish. The child who reads this with his mom, dad or babysitter, will have simple words and numbers reinforced through a labeled picture. There is a moral to the story but I won’t spoil it for you.

Readers’ Favorite – Bosley Sees the World

I highly recommend this book to parents and their young children. The bilingual text of “Bosley Sees the World” makes this a very unique and useful book for parents who are eager to expose their children to a second language. The message that the world is well worth exploring is also delightfully presented in this special book.

First Grade Teacher Firsts

The other really cool feature of the book is that it comes with a teacher/parent guide with tons of activities, lessons, and songs in it. The guide really ties into the story and gives children a deeper understanding of what they are reading and saying.

Sharon’s Book Nook

My daughter enjoyed this book and we were having a few giggles at our attempts to pronounce the French words. If you’re looking for a kids book that’s educational regarding friendships and teamwork as well as exposing your child to a new language then this book is definitely worth a try.

A Grade One Nut

The pictures were amazing (the kids commented on these specifically) and the story was so cute and fun. My class had a great time connecting the French words with the English words.

Bosley Bear will open your little one’s eyes to new ways of seeing the world and DuLaBoo reckons he’s definitely one for the dual language book shelf!

4 the Love of Teaching

Kids’ Book Review

Portland Book Review

Live, Love, Simple

a nice way to introduce (my son) to essential Italian words and phrases while getting to know the adorable Bosley Bear. As Roman grows, we’ll use these words and phrases around the house to teach him the names of toys, foods, numbers and simple actions.

photoFashionably, Melissa

With or without a second language, the book is a cute, wholesome story, and at two, my daughter loves stories.

My Life, a Work in Progress

I like that there are several ways to use this book as a teaching tool.

Stitch Says

This is a very cute book that has everything it needs to help children learn Spanish. The story is engaging and children will be able to relate to the themes. The cues and repetition will enable strong translation that will assist with learning a new language. Bosley Goes to the Beach is also beautifully illustrated. Certainly worth purchasing to assist your child learning Spanish or if they just have an interest in languages.

One Artsy Momma

Both of us had a great time exploring the book; we read it together first, then LC kept picking it up on his own later that evening and reading through it himself.

Barista Kids

The Pink Apron

My three-year-old said her favorite part was when all the animals took a nap… Either way, they both enjoyed the book and asked me to read it several times. I can love the book and think it’s a great idea, but for me, the true test is how my children react. Considering they sat still through the entire book and asked for an encore, I’d say it was well received.

Mother’s Circle

I love the Bosley Bear series of dual-language children’s book for the simplicity of it, (I even think it would be a great way for an adult to learn or brush up on a language).

Life of Toi

I love the message about self acceptance.

Three Lights in the Attic Book Review

The colorful and crisp artwork by Ozzy Esha suggests the depth of the majestic panoramic views that open up before Bosley, perfectly complementing the ideas of the author. Then, after his eyes are opened to the beauty and scope of the world— spoiler alert! —he decides it may be a little TOO big for him until he’s a little older. (A great lesson, in my opinion). So he ends up back in his cozy little bed, dreaming of future adventures.

2013-07-14-18.48.07-300x168Cool Kids Cool Trips

What I want in the stories we read is for them to also have a lesson, to educate. So, not only is this a great way to learn another language – we’ll be using it again once we start on English and I hope Spanish gets included at some point too.

Teach Beside Me

My kids and I loved this book! We have been studying Spanish for a while in our homeschool, so this is a fun way for us to learn new words and practice old ones. My kids love to read it in English while I repeat the story to them in Spanish. It is a great learning tool for anyone learning another language!!

That Which Matters

Delayed Departures

Francie and I look through the book together and the cute illustrations draw us right in. Fun and friendly Bosley Bear is a character that can hold a little one’s attention. I liked that the book also helped me to remember simple words that I had learned in Spanish class years ago.

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