Bosley, the Language Bear

Teacher’s Guide

Teachers Guide CoverCreative Language Lessons with Bosley

This teacher’s guide was developed to be used with “Bosley Sees the World” a dual language book intended to help young children learn new words and phrases in a second language.

Stretch with Bosley, build a cave, build a tree, sing songs about the book and get to know Bosley even better with fun games.

The learning methods encouraged in this book include: kinesthetic, auditory, visual, musical, verbal and interpersonal. They are designed to allow children to express their creativity and individuality while providing an educational framework for teaching words and phrases in a second language.

This professionally developed curriculum guide will give you creative ways to implement language lessons in your home or classroom and keep it exciting at the same time!


Table of Contents:

  • Lesson One
    • Part 1 – Stretching Our Paws
    • Part 2 – Building Our Cave
    • Part 3 – Singing Explorers
  • Lesson Two
    • Part 1 – Planting a Tree
    • Part 2 – Bosley Says
    • Part 3 – Singing in the Forest
  • Lesson Three:
    • Part 1 – The Freeze Game
    • Part 2 – Windows into Bosley’s World
    • Part 3 – River Song
  • Lesson Four:
    • Part 1 – Big and Small
    • Part 2 – We all See the World
    • Part 3 – So Much to Explore!
  • Lesson Five:
    • Part 1 – My Word!
    • Part 2 – Seeing the World
    • Part 3 –Dream about the Big World!